If time can't make you forget people you shouldn't remember, what's the meaning of our lost years? I think love can overcome everything, who knows she sometimes has no power. I think love can fill the regrets of life. However, what makes more regrets is love. The ups and downs are repeated in a love. No one can be blue. Love will end when it comes to an end. You can't stop when you don't want to. The same person can't give you the same pain. When he repeatedly hurt you, that wound has been used to, feeling numb, no matter how many times he was hurt, it is far less painful than the first one. Love turns out to be drinking poison with a smile. It's hard to love someone. It's harder to give up the one you love. When love comes, of course, it is also happy. However, this kind of happiness is to pay, but also to learn to accept disappointment, pain and separation. From then on, life is no longer pure. Maybe we can love and be loved by two people at the same time. Unfortunately, we can only stay together with one of them. When you fall in love with someone, you will always be a little afraid to get him or lose him. You have not been loved before, you will treasure the one who loves you in the future. They miss each other when they can't meet. But once they can meet and walk together, they will torture each other. I just want to find a shoulder that can bear my tears when I am frustrated and let me bite when I am happy. If I don't love you, I won't miss you, I won't envy the opposite sex around you, I won't lose self-confidence and fighting spirit, and I won't suffer. If only I could not love you. Parting is for reunion. Love fire, or should not be rekindled. Rekindled, the past beautiful memories will also disappear. If we do not reunite, maybe I am blasphemous with his deep thoughts, until the physical decay; but this moment, I hate him. All the good days, has gone far. Your heart is my cape and the end of the earth. I can't go further. We go to the ends of the earth in this life, not half of the earth, but the world. Do you love me? You love me to the dangerous degree. How dangerous is it? You can't live alone. To meet is not to hate late, but to hate early. Love is a romantic affair. People who are frustrated can't afford to play. Love fire, or should not be rekindled. Once again, those beautiful memories will disappear. If we are not reunited, maybe I will live with his deep thoughts until the body is decayed, but at this moment, I hate him.